No-Sew Fleece Blankets

Always remember that blankets must be:

  • NEW, and made from all new materials
  • Homemade
  • Washable
  • Free of pins and embellishments
  • Free of pet hair
  • Free of smoke or chemical smells (According to studies presented at the National Project Linus Conference, these elements can NEVER be washed out of the blankets and are potentially very dangerous to a child whose health is already compromised)
  • Child-friendly (we encourage you to choose colors and patterns that would be cheerful and kid-friendly)

Suggested blanket sizes include:  (minimum approximately 36” x 36”)

Infant – 36″ x 36″ to 38″ x 38″

Toddler – 38″ x 38″ to 40″ x 42″

Elementary – 40″ x 50″ to 50″ x 60″

Pre Teen to Teen – 50″ x 60″ to 60″x 72″

No-sew blankets can be made from a single layer of fleece. Please no double layer, tied fleece blankets.


  • Blizzard or Anti-Pill Fleece fabric:  1 1/2 yard piece or choose your own custom size.  (Fleece is usually 50-60″ wide)
  • Ruler or Shape Cut Ruler, Rotary Cutter or sharp Fabric Shears: A rotary cutter works best to create neatly cut fringe.  If you are using shears, make sure your cuts are clean, even and straight with no frayed edges. Small, very sharp pointed scissors. Masking tape or plastic canvas template.

Download Printable Directions:   No Sew Directions

 No Sew Directions

Download Printable Directions:   No Sew Directions   



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