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    • We have not found a new location but are continuing to process and distribute blankets. Completed blankets can be dropped off at Joann Fabrics or Edwards Sewing Center during regular business hours.

  1. Dear Joyce. The last quilts I sent up was October 27, 2021. That is when you said to not ship any more. All winter, six months, has gone by and I have not heard or seen any update about the Chapter. Is anyone distributing quilts in Northeast Indiana? Is t here some other chapter who needs my quilts? Please drop me a line. Thanks

    • Hello Roger. I am Deb Heath the new chapter coordinator for Project Linus Fort Wayne/NE Indiana. Sorry you didn’t get a response sooner. We are still looking for a new location for our workshop but have been able to continue to process, label and distribute blankets to our agencies. We appreciate your beautiful quilts and your generous donations. You can email me directly as needed. We have snowbirds coming to Florida in the winter that may be able to meet up with you to bring your quilts back to our chapter. Thanks again for reaching out.

  2. Hello! I plan to make a $ donation in honor of a person. Can I get a card or something tangible to put in a christmas card. Please let me know asap. Thanks C

    • Carla, thank you for contacting me regarding a Project Linus note card that can be used to acknowledge a donation to our chapter. I have 2 pieces of stationary that I can write a message regarding your donation. You can contact me directly at to make arrangements for the card. The donation in check form can come directly to me and I will send it in. If you send it to headquarters yourself, please include a note indicating credit to the Fort Wayne/NE Indiana chapter. Thank you so much!


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