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OUR STORY:  By Joyce Pickett, Chapter Coordinator

While working at Edward’s Sewing Center in February, 2004, Peggy Albertson, former Chapter Coordinator, became involved in Project Linus’ National Make-A-Blanket Day.  When she discovered there was no local Project Linus chapter, she was very disappointed.  Sitting in church the following day, Peggy started to think about how blessed she was to have healthy children and a happy, healthy granddaughter.  She was so very grateful, (and still is), that her family has not had the need for a security blanket.  At that moment, she received a very strong call from God to start a local Linus chapter.

Monday Morning Peggy went to the Project Linus website to get more information on how to start a chapter.

She applied, and on April 13, 2004 received an email that she had been approved to begin one in this area.  So there we were… Except after 11 years as chapter coordinator and countless hours of dedicated work, Peggy decided that changes in her life required her to step down and turn the reins over to someone else. As her sister, I have been involved with the chapter since its inception and was able to step in and take over as Chapter Coordinator. Peggy will stay involved as a blanketeer and as my consultant, and together we will make sure our chapter continues to flourish and serve the needs of our community.

OUR STORY CONTINUES:  By Deb Heath, the new Chapter Coordinator

My name is Deb Heath, new chapter coordinator for Project Linus Fort Wayne/NE Indiana.  I am dedicated to continuing Peggy and Joyce’s work in our chapter. I became a volunteer in September 2005 and have remained very active in the group. My relationship with Peggy and Joyce goes back to growing up in the same neighborhood.  We have worked together as a team and will continue to do so, keeping our chapter active and strong.

As chapter coordinator I am actively seeking a new location for our workshop. I am excited to take on this new adventure so we can continue to provide comfort for children through our blankets.


Stay tuned.


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