Warm Fuzzies

November 2017

Our family would like to thank you all again for the beautiful blankets and quilts our three children took home from their adoption day last Thursday. They have slept with them every night since, snuggled with them on movie night, and showed them to everyone who came to their adoption party! These children came to us with nothing. Literally nothing. They truly cherish every gift they receive. What a beautiful gesture from Project Linus, and a lasting, comforting gift to treasure forever! Thank you so very much and God bless all of you!


October 2015

My daughter had surgery at FWO last week. Just a minor surgery to put a pin in a broken finger, nothing serious! She is 16 years old and broke it during soccer practice at Homestead. In pre-op, the nurse opened the cabinet and offered her a blanket. You wouldn’t think something like that would brighten the day of a teenager, but it really did! When we watch tv at night we always fight over the quilt my great grandma made. My daughter, Nicole, took this into consideration when picking out which blanket she wanted. She picked a beautiful quilt with blues and greens in it. I wanted to let you and your organization know how happy this blanket made her. Her little sister took great pride in protecting the blanket during surgery. Even though it was her big sissy’s blanket, it gave her comfort during the surgery. The blanket gave the little one something to focus on, and not dwell on her fear of seeing her big sister in a hospital gown. And my teenager absolutely loves the blanket. She has said so many times, and she enjoys keeping it to herself while we watch tv! So thank you again, very very much, for what your organization is doing! The card that came with the blanket says it best, it ‘provided security’ during a scary time. And the blanket has quickly become my daughter’s favorite!

 Have a great day!



March 2014

I just wanted to email you to tell you our story and say “Thank You” to your organization.  I wanted to tell you what a wonderful blessing that you are to all the kids. My son was a recipient of one of your blankets today. It just so happened that it was quilted, and one of the quilted patches was made from the same train pattern as his favorite blanket at home. He was OVERJOYED when he saw it and it brought him such familiar comfort in an unfamiliar place. He is doing very well after his surgery, and we feel very blessed and thankful!!! May God Bless each and every one of you for your selfless gifts of unconditional love!!!

Thanks for all you do,



February 2014

“Thank you for making such a wonderful blanket. My daughter Sophia is 3 months and is in Parkview Regional Medical Center. She has cuddled up to this since we got here ! Thank you again for making these for the kids.”  — Karen N.

August 2013

Another Ray of Hope Baby received a Project Linus blanket after his surgery yesterday.  David is also from

Côte d'Ivoire

and received life-changing surgery at Dupont Hospital.  His host parents told me that he snuggled in his new blanket all day and night and was completely content.  Thank you so much for providing this act of love to our children!


In Christ's love,

Rebecca K. Ghent 
Ray of Hope Medical Missions, Inc


May 2013

This is Siriki, he is from Côte d’Ivoire west Africa, he arrived on 3/21 and just recently had his surgery to correct his cleft lip and palate.  He was given this beautiful blanket by


our post op nurse in peds at Dupont hospital after his surgery, it seems to give him an incredible amount of peace and comfort.

It is not uncommon for some of our babies, clefts included, to come from villages that believe they are born with a curse and are to be executed.  All of our babies come from loving famil

ies that want the best for their babies and are sent to the US to live in Christian homes for life changing surgeries.  Siriki left behind a mom, dad and 3 siblings, he will return to them in approximately 18 months after his medical needs are taken care of.  During these 18 months he will live with us as part of our family.

Thank you Ft Wayne chapter of Linus Project, you have given security to a little boy.  This blanket will accompany him home and I can guarantee it will be a prized possession by his family.

Ray of Hope Medical Missions

April 2013

Hi.  My name is Jennifer Learman.  My son got an infection in his bone and was transferred from Elkhart to Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This was a very scary time for me as his mother.  Up until this point, my children have been very healthy with no major health concerns.  When I walked into his room on the children’s wing and I saw a blanket that had been especially made for the child that entered that room, tears came to my eyes as they are right now while typing this.  I had heard of ministries and organizations like this but I never saw the importance of it honestly.  To see something “home”made brought me a comfort that I cannot express.  I wanted to write to you, not only to say thank you all who had a part in this from the bottom of my heart, but I also want to encourage you to continue in the labor that has been put on your heart.  God used this blanket (and pillow if that is also from you:) to comfort me and my 8 year old son.  He is still sleeping with it and it has replaced his “favorite” blankey.  I have heard that God many, many times answers our prayers through earthen vessels.  I had many friends and family members praying for our peace, comfort and healing and I wanted you to know that you and your project were an answer to some of those prayers.  Maybe you get many thank you’s and maybe you don’t but be encouraged that if this touched me the way it did, I know there are many others that feel the same way that may not have the opportunity to say thank you.  Bless all the hands and efforts that make this possible.  You all are the hands of God to people at a time of need.


Jenni and Brody Learman

March 2013

Blanket HugRiley loves his blanket he got at
Parkview Woman’s and Children’s hospital this week.
It made his three day stay a little easier.  Thanks for your kind work!

February 2013

boy and brothers
I got your contact info from the card attached to our blanket and just wanted to share these pictures with you.  They were taken when we got home from MedStat in Warsaw where our little guy (Eli, almost 2 yrs old) had to get stitches above his eye.   My ‘big boys’ (twins, 9 yrs old) were naturally very upset and panicked when our Eli got hurt.  They rode to MedStat with us and one of them cried hysterically the entire drive there even through Eli had stopped crying even before we got in the car.  Nicholas was crying because he was so worried about how badly it would hurt when Eli got his stitches.  Needless to say, it was a rough night for all of us.  It was sooooo sweet to end the day with my three boys cuddled up in Eli’s new blankie.

Just thought you would like to know that the efforts of Project Linus DO make a difference.  Thanks so much and all the best to you,



Has your child or grandchild received a Project Linus blanket?  Tell us your Project Linus story!  Better yet, take a picture and click here to email it to our Chapter Coordinator.